Senate Control 2014

The Republicans took the Senate control 2014 in the US. It happens within a series of defeats for Democrats and, especially, President Obama. The Democrats will face a Republican Congress during his last two years as the president of the United States.

Mitch McConell will now become a majority leader in January. He is against the reelection of Alison Lundergan Grimes. Thus, Obama asked the congressional leaders to a meeting at the White House which will happen on Friday. McConnell said in his victory speech that both Republicans and Democrats should work together to solve differences and work together on agreements. He emphasized on the fact that, even though they have a two party system in the government, that doesn’t mean that they should be in conflict. 

The Republicans enjoyed their victory during Tuesday evening in Arkansas, Montana, Colorado, West Virginia and South Dakota. The panorama is not good for the upcoming 2016 elections for Democrats who will be competing against a congress full of Republican party members. Also, the initiatives presented by Democrats could experience real setbacks due to this radical change in Congress. 

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